Love your curves

Within the western world we are saddened on an almost daily basis by the culture and attitude towards curves – on all genders.

And we struggle to understand why.

Curves are awesome. They should be cherished. They should be promoted. They should be loved.

Some of the best things in life are curved.

The earth and sun are both curved.

Rivers tend to create meanders – curves – as they flow.

The cutest animals are always curved.

Cups are curved.

Sporting stadiums are curved in their design.

Pizza is curved.

This is where we are going to start.

We will be blogging to showcase curves, celebrating them and helping people love their curves more 💗💖.

We’ll be promoting some of the exiting new product lines by major clothes companies to actually make clothes which people who have curves can rock.

Watch this space for more soon. Whilst you’re at it, why not give us a follow in the footer below.


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