Beauty redefined, reset your thinking 💭

It is easy to get caught in that hopeful loop of thinking that you can change or “fix” something about your looks and it will do more than change your appearance. We dye our hair or get breast implants or Botox or microbladed brows or tanning cream or skin lightening cream or lose weight (or insert one million other products sold to us to fix our “flaws”) and in the back of our minds, we might do those things because we’re hoping for more than a change to our looks. We’re hoping to attract a mate or keep a relationship alive or feel confident enough to ask for a promotion or speak at a conference or feel happier or whatever it might be. ✖️But the truth is, you cannot remedy an internal problem with an external “solution.” The belief that changing your appearance will improve other facets of your life is a marketing manipulation that preys on our desire to be loved, to be successful and to feel confident. If you want to change your life, make changes to your *life,* not your body! You are more than a body. When you see more in yourself, you can be more! #SeeMoreBeMore #BeautyRedefined #morethanabody

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