Amen Melissa McCarthy

Amen @melissamccarthy! 💗🙌🏽 So many messages in the world ask you to believe you’re in competition with other women. You’re not. Beauty exists, and it can be appreciated in others without dividing and conquering us as women. Comparison is natural, but how do we minimize it to preserve our happiness? ✖️Remember that she might be beautiful, but she’s also more than *just* beautiful. Don’t define her by her looks. Move beyond surface comparisons by really connecting with her if possible. ✖️Regularly take a break from social media for even just 2-3 days as a way to reset and appreciate your own beautiful reality. This helps you consciously recognize when IG scrolling is affecting your happiness and triggering harmful self-comparisons AND teaches you what accounts to unfollow because they spark your insecurities. Follow people and pages online that encourage and uplift you (and then share those sources of goodness)! ✖️Rather than seeing other women as opponents in the never-ending, depressing fight for “most attractive,” other women can be your greatest allies in learning to *see more* than bodies in yourself and others, and then to *be more* by moving on to much more important things! #beautyredefined #morethanabody #seemorebemore #melissamccarthy •Find our 8-week online Body Image Resilience Course at •Find our sticky notes, shirts and decals at •Find our TEDx talk linked in our bio!

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