Amen Melissa McCarthy

Amen @melissamccarthy! 💗🙌🏽 So many messages in the world ask you to believe you're in competition with other women. You’re not. Beauty exists, and it can be appreciated in others without dividing and conquering us as women. Comparison is natural, but how do we minimize it to preserve our happiness? ✖️Remember that she might be... Continue Reading →

Be inspired, love your body

So many times people tell us we are not enough. Not thin enough , not tall enough , not this, not that. What we need to do is tell ourselves that we are indeed ENOUGH ! ❤❤❤ We deserve all the happiness, love, respect and opportunities!!! #lovetheskinyourein #loveyourcurves #beautybeyondsize #happyisnotadresssize #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #selfconfidence #curvesonfleek #iamsizesexy... Continue Reading →

Love your curves

Curves are awesome. They should be cherished. They should be promoted. They should be loved. Some of the best things in life are curved. Let’s celebrate and love them!

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